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The TreVista Blog is dedicated to providing caregivers and families with tips and information that will help them enrich the lives of loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, as well as those who need support and services to remain living in their current homes.

This is also the place to find out about all the goings-on at TreVista – including progress on our current renovation project!

Planning for Your First Day in Senior Living

When it’s time for seniors to move to a senior living community, the day of the move is often full of excitement of what is to come. From exciting, new services and amenities, a worry-free lifestyle and the opportunity to do whatever you please, it may be difficult to...

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5 Ways to Make Friends During Retirement

Although most older adults look forward to retirement as a phase of life marked by freedom and excitement, many don’t realize how easy it is to feel lonely during retirement. Retirees no longer have daily interactions with coworkers, their kids are probably grown and...

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5 Strategies for Overcoming Stereotypes as You Age

When many people look at seniors, they may see someone who is older, frailer and unable to do many of the activities they once loved and could do with ease. They may think seniors need a high level of assistance or care, are weak or – even worse – boring....

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An Inside Look at Our LifeCycles Exclusive Approach to Wellness

At TreVista Antioch, our residents benefit from a range of services and amenities, enhanced community features and more. We believe that the programming offered and the staff hired at our community makes all the difference, so we provide a wide array of programs and...

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New ownership at TreVista Antioch!

At TreVista Antioch, we treat people like family, just like Agemark Senior Living Communities, our new ownership. Agemark Senior Living is a family-owned senior living provider that has provided quality lifestyles for seniors and their families across the country...

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5 Signs Your Loved One’s Is Concealing Their Memory Loss

When a senior suspects they have memory loss, they may be riddled with emotions. They may be scared, upset, overwhelmed and even angry. It’s common for them to experience all of these emotions, but it’s how they react afterward that makes a difference. While some...

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The Essential Senior Caregiving Guide

Whether a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, needs some assistance with the activities of daily living or requires a high level of care to remain at home, caregivers seem to provide it all. When the time comes that your loved one needs...

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Why Your Loved One with Memory Loss Refuses to Visit the Doctor

When a senior you are caring for has memory loss, it can be difficult for them to do the everyday things they used to. Whether this includes simple tasks such as cooking and bathing or getting out of the house and going to semi-familiar places, it can be frustrating...

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Caregiving Glossary of Terms for Senior Care

When entering the world of caregiving, people usually struggle at first to cope with the changes, maneuvering their new role, understanding the needs of the senior they are caring for and settling into a routine. Everything about caregiving may be overwhelming at...

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